Commercial Auto Claims Checklist

Do your employees know what to do if they are involved in an auto accident while driving on business? Be sure by putting copies of this checklist in the glove compartments of every company vehicle.

If a loss occurs:

  • Contact the police while at the scene of the accident.
  • Record the following information prior to leaving the scene:
    • The names of all parties involved (including drivers and passengers) along with addresses, phone numbers, license numbers, dates of birth, social security numbers (if they provide them), and insurance agent/carrier
    • The names and phone numbers of any witnesses
    • The make and color of all vehicles and license plate numbers
    • If anyone leaves the scene (i.e.: hit/skip), any descriptive information about the vehicles and occupants that may assist in the investigation of the claim
    • The party’s name, address and phone number if the owner is someone other than the driver
    • The specific location of the accident and the identity of the specificauthority that responds to the scene (ie: city police, sheriff, highway patrol, fire/rescue)
  • Immediately contact your insurance agent to report the claim, reporting any known physical damage to property and bodily injury to persons.