Commercial Lawsuit Checklist

A liability lawsuit is a serious matter with potentially devastating consequences for your business. In many cases, what you do in the early stages will have a major bearing on the outcome.

How well are you prepared?

In the event of a liability lawsuit, refer to the checklist below, and contact your Westfield independent agent and Westfield claims adjuster.
  • Identify the specific individual (or limited number of individuals) authorized to accept the service of the suit.
  • Retain all documents, including post marked envelopes, and immediately record the date of service on these documents.
  • If the service of the suit is your first notice of the claim, immediately report the claim to your agent and send a copy of the summons and complaint to your agent so that it can be reported promptly to us.
  • If the service of the suit takes place during the process of our claim handling, immediately contact the adjuster assigned to handle your claim. If you do not have record of this information, please contact your agent in order to assist in reporting the lawsuit to our claims department.
  • Do not discuss the lawsuit with anyone other than your agent, a Westfield representative, counsel assigned to defend your interests or your personal counsel unless otherwise approved by one of the aforementioned parties.