Commercial Property Claims Checklist

Confusion is common immediately following property damage from a storm, fire or other cause of loss. Get through the initial hours following a loss by referring to the checklist below.

Be prepared:

  • Establish and communicate formal emergency response procedures for your company.
  • Maintain up-to-date duplicate financial records and property ownership records at an offsite location.
  • Keep current inventories of your property.
  • Keep a list of contacts needed in the event of an emergency; include employees, key vendors and public authorities.


If a loss occurs:

  • Take the necessary steps to protect persons from injury.
  • Contact authorities (fire, police, etc.).
  • Contact your insurance agent or if unavailable,Westfield’s claims response line at 800.443.3311. Be sure to leave your policy number and contact information, including cell phone numbers and operable land phone numbers where you and key employees can be reached.
  • Take steps to protect property from further damage. This may include covering holes in the roof or walls and extracting water. Maintain receipts and records of your expenses.
  • Preserve the loss scene areas by preventing persons, other than public authorities and contractors performing emergency repairs, from entering
  • Do not attempt to use electric devices exposed to fire, smoke or water.
  • If possible, take photos or video of damaged property.
  • Do not discard damaged property or begin repairs without prior approval from your claims representative.