Commercial Workers' Comp Claims Checklist


Processing and managing workers’ compensation claims is a complex responsibility for your business. How well you handle workplace injuries is important to getting injured workers the care they need and expect while minimizing the cost of claims. Make workers’ compensation easier by asking the following questions:
  • Has a thorough investigation of the accident been completed and documented?
  • Has the First Report of Injury been completed and sent to the appropriate claims office within 24 hours following notice of the injury?
  • Has all necessary investigative information been sent to the claim office?
  • Has the employee’s payroll information been sent to the claim office?
  • Has the hospital or physician been contacted to determine the employee’s medical status and ability to return to work?
  • Has the contact been made with the employee?
  • If the employee has returned to work after the first report has been sent, has the claim office been notified and given the date of return?
  • Has all legal and state correspondence been sent to the claim office within 24 hours of receipt?
  • Have all medical bills and reports received been forwarded to the claim office?
  • If the employee was injured by an object or broken part of a machine, has the object or broken part been preserved for claim office inspection?
  • Have you discussed any questions regarding the injury with the claim office?
  • Have you given the injured employee the phone number of the claim office to explain benefits and answer questions?