Strassman Insurance Services

What are your bumps in the night?
They’re the things you think about when you’re all alone. About your business. And your home. What if there’s a fire? Or a tornado? Am I covered? What should being covered actually cost? We understand the bumps in the night. We’ve seen them before. And we can make them disappear.
The right coverage starts with the right questions.

The right questions come from experience. Most of our associates have over 20 years’ experience. What are my unique risks? My special requirements? What are the risks I’ve never even thought of? No single insurance policy is right for everyone. So how do we find yours? By getting to know you.

Of course we'll be there if the worst happens.

It’s being there the rest of the time that makes us different. We take a proactive approach. I want an agent who cares if I understand my policies. And always looks out for even better ones. We take our work personally. We know our clients personally. And we personally look out for them.


Strassman Insurance Services, Inc.

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